Day 146: The Full Schedule

April 8th 2016

Yesterday I spoke about how I would think about and implement a schedule, and whilst I have indeed worked out most of the kinks and managed to leave it rather bare in order to work around my sometimes hectic life, I think the real irony is that in constructing this schedule I’ve already veered off from it; I’m not following it. Given that this is the first day with it though and because we’ll need a dry run with it to see what can be improved I’m willing to let myself off today.

This will be somewhat unsightly but in failing the ability to construct visuals in any other manner (and my lack of a scanner to create a hand written draft) I’ll just have to do this with bullet points.

  •  18:00:
  • 19:00:
  • 20:00:
  • 21:00:
  • 22:00:Write
  • 23:00:Sleep?+Write
  • 00:00:Sleep?+Write
  • 01:00:Sleep+Write?
  • 02:00:Sleep?+Write?
  • 03:00:Sleep
  • 04:00:Sleep
  • 05:00:Sleep
  • 06:00:Sleep
  • 07:00:Wake?
  • 08:00:Wake?
  • 09:00:Wake?
  • 10:00:Wake?
  • 11:00:Blog + Breakfast
  • 12:00:
  • 13:00:
  • 14:00:
  • 15:00:Japanese
  • 16:00:Japanese
  • 17:00: Japanese

Understandably, some of you will be looking at this ramshackle schedule and scratching your heads, “It’s so bare!” I hear you say, well that’s by design. The schedule has to be rather empty in order to fit around my daily life; more often than not at some point in the morning or afternoon my phone will ring and I’ll be roped into some hectic, half baked ,plan by my friends or I’ll be dragged out for drinks in the evening and I’ve got to account for that, plus the empty space means that If I want to do my tasks at another time I can do without messing anything else up (especially since I’m waiting on a regular time to go to they gym, if they ever get back to me).

Now, onto the syntax of it. Those of you gifted with the power of eyes will see that there’s a lot of question marks in there, this is to signify a gray area in which I ‘can’ do something and I have to do it within its temporal constraints, but I can do it at any time. Most people would assume that this is to cover my ass when I wake up, no one likes waking up so it makes sense that I might allow some extra time for me to roll out of bed, but you’d be wrong. Most people like going to bed, setting in under the covers and just switching off for the day, most people aren’t me though and I loathe going to bed, I could have just run a marathon and I’d still go to bed at three AM, in fact I have!

Because of my somewhat unpredictable sleeping pattern I need to account for a ‘sensible’ amount of sleep, this means that if I clock out at two in the morning I wont be getting up five hours later at seven. (Given that I woke up at midday today after falling asleep at four in the morning I’ve already broken that trend- sue me).

But as it stands, we’ll see how this goes and I will attempt to make amendments to it as I see fit and hopefully, a few weeks down the line, we’ll see a marked improvement in my productivity, mental acuity and physical ability.

Here’s hoping.

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