Day 147:Unexpected Visitors

April 9th 2016

Today was to be my first dry run of my schedule, I was actually looking forwards to it, hell I might even get something productive done but, much like anything else, the world had other plans; I didn’t really mind though.

When a group of five of my friends showed up at my door this afternoon I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to give this schedule a trial today, it was Saturday after all and that means that people were coming over for drinks and take away. As much as I wanted to try out my schedule, in truth, I wanted to actually have some company even more and, at that moment in time, the notion of good food, good friends and four or five glasses of wine suited me down to the ground.

Fortunately, because of the tree incident we had plenty of wood ready to burn and I know it sounds cheesy but we really did just sit around the campfire and drink. Fortunately for us it’s still chill enough to warrant a fire but not so cold out that it’s unbearable, couple that with some old rickety patio chairs and you’ve got yourself the set up for a pretty good evening.

And it was.

As much as I want every day to be an adventure and to be filled with extraordinary situations and experiences sometimes it’s fun to simply sit down with a pizza, some terrible terrible wine and play a few rounds of rocket league and the new DOOM beta.

It was fun and the plan is to do it again next week.

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