Day 150:Pre-Physiotherapy

April 12th 2016

Today was a little disorganised but all of the best days are I suppose. I woke up reasonably early at about eight O’clock, somehow I’d managed to set my alarm for two hours earlier than I needed to be up, which is even more worrying considering that I only got to sleep four hours prior, sleep deprivation! yay?

Begrudgingly trudged out of bed and made my way downstairs, I had an appointment to keep and needed to make sure that I was down at my local health centre for eleven O’clock which, the more observant amongst you will know, is my allocated time slot for writing my blog thus explaining why todays blog is going out a little past midnight.

healthI was due at the health centre for a preliminary test on my knee, before having a proper physiotherapy session in a weeks time they wanted to know just what my range of movement was and whether the joint’s condition had improved, remained the same, or worsened since I saw my GP. Thankfully it’s gotten better.

The musculoskeletal specialist, I missed her name, was very good (as you would want a doctor to be) and judging by the amount of pain I was subject to I should envision that she has a comprehensive understanding of the limitations of my knee- perhaps even better than I myself do.

After leaving the clinic I cycled home and, much to my dismay, fell asleep almost as soon as I entered the house, I can only postulate that a long day yesterday followed by only four hours sleep meant that I really did need the rest. I came too about four hours later at about half four meaning that  I’d missed the window to study my Japanese for the day; it’s a weak excuse and I can only chart it down to laziness, something that I’ve struggled with for a while now…

I’ll just have to do better tomorrow.

As I’m writing this, however, I’m preparing to write a little more of my fiction, perhaps I love you toohaving a nap in the middle of the day was a good thing? It certainly means that my sleeping pattern has been preserved and that I’m awake enough to feel confident in writing ‘quality’ work, something I highly doubt that  I would have been able to do had I soldiered on without a short rest.

That however was all for today and I hope that, when I write tomorrow I will be able to state that I’ve stuck to my regime and it has yielded results but, goodbye for now.

Thank you for reading.

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