Day 151: Revisiting Church

April 13th 2016

steepleToday I returned to church, it’s been in the back of my mind ever since I last attended; the ceremony means little to me, it holds no place in my heart of mind and to me the words in the bible are just that, words. There’s no holiness to them, they’re simply a collection of stories penned down in ink by men over the years. To me, there’s nothing divine about them and they mean little more to me than the story books I read as a child do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate their beauty (all of Leviticus notwithstanding).

It occurred to me as I was sitting through the ceremony that over one billion people live by the edicts and rules set out within this tome, but out of those one billion people I would wager that less than a tenth have read the bible cover to cover. I have read the bible, along with the Koran and the three baskets of the Tripitaka: the Vinaya, the Sutras and the Abhidharma. This gives me a very unique view on religious teachings.

As you might expect I went for the post sermon theological discussion, I have very little else to do on my Wednesday mornings so I might as well do something interesting with them. The topics we discussed today however were pretty close to home for one of the members and, considering I know she reads this blog, I won’t discuss them out of respect for her.

I’m sorry if that makes this first part a little redundant.

Following Church I returned home; the weather has been taking a turn for the better as of recent, though I suppose it’s the right time of year for it, It’s been pretty chilly, and now in mid april I’m finally seeing the signs of summer approaching (or at the very least the signs of late spring). It’s nice.

forestI feel like I’m one of those people who suffers from seasonal depression, not all the time mind you since I adore winter when the ground is frosted over and there’s a bite in the air; I realistically just hate it when winter turns to spring, when it’s still ice-cold out but there’s no frost and all you have to remind you that you’re in seasonal limbo is harsh wind and rain- not fun!

Of course the adverse holds true too, when the sun is out and i get the pleasure of seeing greens and browns mixed in with the lighter hues of flowers and blossom it really gives me a lift; I suppose I’ve been riding that high today. Couple that with the fact that my fiction is now progressing pretty regularly and I’d call today a success!

Thank you for reading.
I hope to see you again tomorrow.

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