Day 152: Productivity

April 14th 2016

I’m writing this late at night after a productive day, it looks as though the schedule, when coupled with a bit of effort from myself actually works and here’s why.

I woke up later than I should have at around eleven O’clock, I was already behind schedule it seemed, so not a very good start to the day. I opted to skip the shower and breakfast and dive straight into blogging, I released a post earlier in the day that accounted for yesterday though I’m still leagues behind on my posts. Today I’ve managed to write two blog posts, I really need to work on getting back up to date over the coming days ,but with an hours blogging to myself every day I can’t see that being too big of a task.

wine and patio
In my dreams

With todays post edited and up I decided to take a bit of a break and made my way up the garden to the patio; the sun was out and there wasn’t any wind at all, the perfect day for a little bit of sunbathing (and a nice glass of merlot to boot). I could have stayed like that for hours but in time I decided that there were better things I could do with a day like this- with that in mind I went for a bike ride.

The ride can’t have lasted more than thirty minutes in total but, being that I’m terribly unfit, it was enough for me. What really got my goat was mountain bikethat it wasn’t even that hard of a bike ride, there were some hills and rocky terrain but most of it was on the flat but it still made my heart pump- I thought you had to be fat to get tired this quickly. It doesn’t help that my bike is a mountain bike and it is ‘HEAVY’, it’s not built with biking down roads in mind but I would have imagined that I could have handled two miles without my legs turning to jelly!

Armed with a new idea of ust how unfit my body was I returned home and started a game of Rome II: Total War, I quite fancied a change and ended up spending about three hours playing as Sparta. It was fun, it’s interesting playing as a faction that is based around spear infantry as opposed to one that’s based around swords- the playstyle is ‘staggeringly’ different.

Following this, in the evening I decided to settle in for about two hours worth of study on japanese-languageJapanese; the first hour was spent on the app ‘Memrise’ learning some new words and phrases before I reverted to the old fashioned book method where I learned that I truly do not understand the use of the particle: no. It’s something I’ll be looking into over the next few days.

Now here I am at a quarter to midnight writing this blog, in truth I’ve been compiling second lifethese blogs and keeping them on a seven day haitus, hoping that I could return to them and edit them as needs require, but I’ve come to realise that what makes a daily blog good is that it’s current and no one wants to read about what you did last week! With that in mind I’ll be releasing two a day until I’m back up to date where I’ll continue to release them one day behind the current date, in the morning.

But for now I’m signing off, am going to go spend some time on Second Life and am going to write a few more paragraphs of my fanfiction. Goodnight and goodbye.

Thanks for reading.



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