Day 153: An I.O.U

April 15th 2016

Today didn’t go as expected, I was ‘supposed’ to go and visit Hannah this morning, apparently she didn’t feel too comfortable about answering some questions about her hand to a doctor that was visiting. I’m not sure why he was visiting though, as far as I was aware doctors haven’t done house calls since the eighties.

The operative word in that last bit is: supposed. I was due to be down at her house at around ten O’clock but following a late night I completely forgot and slept through it and, to make things worse, when she rang and called I gave some bull shit excuse out of awkwardness- how pathetic is that?

I know she’ll be reading this and Hannah’s not dumb by any means, heh she’s arguably more switched on when it comes to people than I am, but perhaps that’s just me trying to butter her up.

I’m sorry Han, I overslept and I’m sincerely sorry about the discomfort I caused you, it wont happen again.

To make amends I’m going to offer her an I.O.U; I hand them out to a lot of my friends whenever I cock something up and the house rules for them are as follows.

This I.O.U is valid for anything at any time (pending emergencies) and can be used once for a past transgression or slight.

Aside from that, today has been pretty quiet. I’ve mulled around the house, learned some Japanese and still have no idea on how to use the particle ‘no’. I’ve played some games, mostly DOTA 2 and Killing Floor 2 and generally relaxed; today’s been another scorcher so it’s nice to just unwind in the heat whilst it lasts.

Other than that, sadly I don’t really have much to tell you. I worked on my fiction and started looking at twenty four hour gyms that I could join but, aside from all of that today has been pretty quiet.

Thanks for reading.

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