Day 155: The Division

April 17th 2016

I got nothing done today and, unlike most days, that’s not such a bad thing. As you may have gathered from the title, the reason behind my lack of productivity was solely because of a newly acquired piece of software, more specifically: The Division.

The division logo.jpg

For those of you unaware of the most recent itteration from the (post humous) mind of Tom Clancy, The Division is set in New York after an outbreak of weaponised small pox, nicknamed ‘the dollar flu’, that was spread by contact with money on the busiest day of the financial year Black Friday…

The city rapidly declines into chaos under the harsh hand of a strict quarantine and the ever growing pressure of gangs roaming the streets; Out for blood and unafraid to kill anyone in the way of what they want it is these gangs which the story mostly focuses on. With the virus restricted to all but the most heavily contaminated areas and with the ‘good guys’ of New York taking a beating, The Division is activated.

The Division is an Elite group of highly trained operatives from all walks of life who, empowered by Executive Order 51, act as an autonomous group of peacekeepers that fight for the people of the city, rather than the ground on which it is built. You are one of these operatives.

I know why this game resonates so well with me; it affords me plenty of opportunities zero to hero2.jpg where I have access to what I call ‘Hero Moments’, these are the kind of moments in real life where you go above and beyone what anyone expects of you, sometimes placing yourself in danger because of a want to help others for nothing more than altruistic reasons. It’s sort of what I hope to become, a hero.

Of course I don’t hope for a setting so dramatic as The Division, but I do want to become a person with the moral character to put my own safety on the line fo others, at the moment I’m just not that, I’m weak and, if I’m being honest… sort of a coward…

I hate myself for it, I really do and I’m working to overcome that personal weakness, marshalling myself so that I wont runt and leave those who need help, trying to forge new strength from a desire to be better and I think that this game today has been a good sounding board for what… for ‘who’ I want to become. I’ll probably follow up these thoughts tomorrow, but for now…

Thank you for reading

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