Day 156: More The Division

April 18th 2016

And so another day was lost to…

the division

I can’t say I’m surprised in the least really and anyone who knows me well enough shouldn’t be surprised either; I always was the kind of kid who’d play with a toy until it broke- it’s good to see that’s continued into adulthood (if you can call it that). I purchased The Division two days ago, so I can see me playing it pretty heavily over the next few  days, especially since a good proportion of my friends have the game too.

During my adventures I stumbled across the edge of the dark zone, the area of the game world where PvP (Player vs Player) is enabled, and being the inquisitive sort I naturally had to stick my nose where it didn’t belog and take a look inside. It was hell…

The division logoIn my mind the dark zone would be an area that behaved much like Day Z, shoot on sight, no nonsense, no talking, just bullets. I was wrong. In actuality the dark zone was nothing like that, sure there were hostile players in there, but you get what it says on the tin, I knew that there would be, with that in mind, there are ‘vastly’ larger amounts of friendly souls willing to help you out.

The real problem with the area is that all of the enemies possess armour and they’re all crack shots; if you’re not in full cover you can expect at least one bullet to come and mess up your day. It did teach me that there are two cardinal ways that you can play in the dark zone and one is further divided into three subcategories.

You can either be a ‘Rogue Agent’ (Player killer) or a ‘True Agent’ (NPC killer) with the True agent being further subdivided into a build with purely offensive abilites, one with pureley defensive and one with half and half- I tend to favour the defensive build. The ability to ressurect fallen comrades from range is too valuable to pass up.

My friends seem to be grateful of the additional health I can provide as well but this wasn’t the only thing I did today. I woke up decently early, some time around ten, and then proceeded to fire up Memrise, I nailed down five or ten more words in japanese and ‘then’ swapped to The Division and spent my sunday relaxing with friends, so today was a good day all in all.

I hope to see you tomorrow.

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