Day 158: Steady Going

April 20th 2016

As far as days go, today was pretty standard fare. I woke up at half past twelve and went downstairs, cooked some Irish stew for breakfast come lunch and sat down to write my blog for a good hour with a nice pot of coffee; all in all it was a pretty standard morning.

The division logoOne of my friends is a supply teacher and has recently landed a job teaching at my local college, go foggy! The reason this is important is because he only worked until midday today and then he came online to play some games with me. Our gaming tipple as of recent is the same as it’s been for the past few days, The Division.

Those of you who are more acquainted with this archive of my day to day life are probably noticing a pattern as of late; the pattern that, when I get a new game, I’ll play that game to death.

You’re not wrong.

Playing this game almost all day certainly isn’t good for my productivity, but since I’ve been playing it I’ve had contact with friends I thought I might never speak to again, so it’s certainly good for my social life at least and, hell, me and Foggy are going out for a few drinks at the weekend too, so that’s a bonus as well.


Given the lateness of my waking, I skipped lunch, which isn’t good, I should be focused on eating three meals a day of decent quality, not just two big ones with everything rammed onto a plate. Still… I did have some tea and some cheese on crackers but that was more of a snack than anything else.

Following this I returned to the PC and talked through some things with my friend, erm… we’ll call him Dutch to protect the innocent; I’d had a rough day and he’s always been there to help me through the tough times, heh, glad to see that holds as true now as it did when I was sixteen and by the time we’d finished talking it was realistically time for me to go to bed. So I did.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting.

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