Day 160: All Nighter

April 22nd 2016

Well, it’s happened again…

I’m not sure whether I’m naturally a night person or whether me being awake through the night sometimes is a result of my: lifestyle, diet, routine etcetera, but I always seem to gravitate towards spending at least one or two nights a month wide awake and, as a result, throwing my sleeping pattern so off track I usually have to take the long way around and spend close to forty eight hours awake in order to get my routine back.

That happened again last night.

But, rather than suffering through another day where all I want to do is fall face first into my bed sheets and hibernate for the winter I’ve decided that I’ll try something different today. It will disrupt my schedule, of course it will, but I’d rather take a day off and get my sleeping pattern back on track than try to soldier through it and potentially do more harm than good to my academic and physical endeavors.

When I do collapse today I’ll try to even sleep for the minimum amount of time necessary to see me through to at least midnight. It’s a simple task, but a difficult one.

Bearing in mind that this is all I really have to talk about it would be fair to say that nothing out of the ordinary happened today and I don’t really feel like documenting what I had for breakfast lunch and dinner, describing my adventures in the division or monologuing about my thougts, this is where I’m going to end this post.

Thanks for reading.

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