Day 164: Fresh Starts

April 26th 2016

Very minor success was had today when my friend responded to me and asked just how he might be able to help me get out of this rut I’ve been in. Unfortunately for me I fumbled it and missed his message, not only was this rude but it cost me time as well. Still, it could be worse…


I plan on telling him that I’ve had trouble sticking to a schedule recently and would like him to help me adhering to it, as well as helping my set out a list of goals that he can help me out with until I can fulfill them under my own steam, certainly my main vice at the moment. He could say no, which of course would knock me back a step but it’s not completely out of my reach to ask for the help of a life coach, that might even be a better option.

I’d still rather my friend help though.

Within the realm of reality though I think it would be prudent to try to make things work with my mate first, no need to go planning ‘that’ far ahead, I mean he’s already agreed to help, so I’ll talk to him tomorrow and make sure that he’s on the same page as me on this whole matter.

In other news I’ve got a new pet project, quite literally. Recently I’ve seen a new cat in my street, it seems to have become friends with the cat that’s adopted and, to say the least, this cat looks like its seen better days. After inspection of the feline I’m quite happy to call it a stray, he/she has no collar and is in poor fettle. I just can’t in good conscience allow it to remain like that…

Not actually ‘Scruffy’ but it looks sort of like him, in his current state.

I don’t have any expendable income at the moment, but I’m not going to let that stop me, there’s no excuse for me not to work harder and try to find a source of income when the welfare of an animal is at stake.

The workup goes as follows:

  1. De flea and worm said cat (should any be present)
  2. Tidy him/her up, make sure that it’s coat is well kept
  3. Make sure I check that they’re chipped, and if not, get them chipped.
  4. Given the state of the cat, file for ownership or simply adopt it.

Until all of these are done, I’m not content to call the cat mine, but in equal measure, I’m not content to have the cat suffer through the wind and rain of the sping-summer transition, so they’ll just have to get used to the cat bed in the kitchen for now- I don’t need fleas in my living room.

That cat deserves as good a life as the cat that’s adopted me has and I hope to give it that.

Sue me, I’ve got a soft spot for animals.


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