Day 165: Sensible Scheduling

April 27th 2016

Thanks to the good nature of my friend he’s agreed to help me try and put together an ‘achievable’ schedule for my day to day life, achievable being the operative word. I’m actually not too focused on the degree of difficulty that this new schedule poses, especially if we can get it to work with my completely broken sleeping pattern. This is important to me because I know that this is step one to actually taking control of my situation; I’ve got to be able to control myself before I can control anything else.


It’s an unusual feeling, not being able to control yourself, not without great difficulty anyway; usually, when it comes to control I’m used to having it, both over myself and my surroundings. It’s easy to engineer a situation where a few words can change the course of everything, but it’s just that, it’s in the engineering, knowing when to pluck up and when to shut up, so you can imagine

How bloody awful it is

When you seem to have lost your touch.

Creating a schedule should help me to marshal myself and consolidate my efforts into actually progressing in my life; in the immortal words of a wise friend…

Do what you wanna do, just do it.

Wise words, if a touch brief.

For today though, that’s really all that happened, so I’ll hopefully have more to archive tomorrow.

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