Day 166: BBQ

April 28th 2016

Hannah had her head in the right place today and decided to take advantage of the better weather with a BBQ, good stuff right? Right! This was the big event of my day, I decided to grab a few bottles of stout and cider, lug them round to her house and waste away the day with good conversation, food and a nice lounge in the sun.

When I arrived Han wasted no time in welcoming me in and getting me sat down on the pateo out back, I was relieved to see that Danny was cooking; I’m not one to talk, and I’m not bashing Han’s cooking, but being that Danny is an actual chef, I was pleased to see that he was in charge of food preparation.

I was head officer of the laziness division

BBQAlmost immediately I fell asleep in the sun, looking like some reject from top gun as I slipped into unconciousness still wearing my aviators but, fortunately for me, I was woken up by the sweet scent of a plate full of food. I’m the kind of bloke who enjoys a good burger at a BBQ, but I’ll be honest, after eating them, the vegetable skewers that accompanied the meaty products were to die for. I would pay Danny to make me a batch of those, perhaps he’d consider marketing them, someone somewhere would buy them, no?

Unfortunately this wasn’t an all night deal so we were eventually shoved in cabs and sent home, but when I did get home I decided to open up a book, one of a series of three, that I inherited from a friend. They look into: the spread of culture, the land, and the sea routes, of the silk road and spice routes respectively.

silk roads

I’ve only managed to get twenty four pages deep into the trilogy but from what I’ve read thus far it’s easier to see how trade could cause different aspects of culture to bleed into one another. The easiest example of this is ‘China’ as in ‘Fine China’, yes the blue and white dishes and bowls we love, they are now as much a part of Western European culture now as they were Eastern culter five hundred years ago- there’s a bleed effect.

Without reading the rest of the book it would be premature of me to try and proffer a verdict on the content of this book, but if it continues like it currently is, I would say I’m in for a treat.

Thanks for reading.

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