Day 167:Resuming Schedule

April 29th 2016

Today I finally got back to learning Japanese, it’s clear now that over the past few months my learning has been heavily impeded by a venomous combination of lethargy and depression, time to combat that actively. I’m very behind on my blogs as well, but much like with my learning, it’s time to combat that actively as well, as I’m writing this I’m transcribing the hand written notes of the day and, well, I need to write some more blog posts since I don’t think that my desk can get any more cluttered with them…

So here goes

Freemason LeatherI woke up pretty early, some time around nine O’clock and rather promptly hopped on the PC, like usual. I’d had contact from the Free Masons and was supposed to contact the head Mason regarding my application. I didn’t. I forgot to do so and put it the the back of my mind like I do with a lot of small tasks in my life. Following this I decided that it would be prompt to revise some of my Japanese on Memrise.

It looks as though I’ve let myself slip a little since I could scarcely remember more than half of the words I’ve learned; the symbols for Hiragana came more naturally though, the only two that I got confused were “Re” and “Ne”- they look very similar.Other than that I’ve pretty much got everything on pat, coupled with a read through Genki 1, and learning how to use the words: Kore, Sore,  Are, Dore, Kono, Sono and, Ano, and the correct particles to use in conjunction with them.

It’s a slow road and, I admit, I wish that I was further along it at this moment in time, but I have nothing and no one to blame but myself and my lack of self control, I’m empirically flawed because of my work ethic, but nothing worth having is easy, so I guess I’ll just have to bite down and plow through it.

It’s been a tough day today.

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