Day 169: Goals!

May 1st 2016

I’ve been accused of flip-flopping in the past, setting my sights on one goal only to stop and move on to another, rarely succeeding in achieving either one, I’ve always rejected these statements, maintaining that I’m working on doing more than one thing at a time. I still reject their criticisms but I see now that they may have had a point.

assessing your goals and objectives regularly is an efficient way to make sure you’re staying on track, but it only works if you have grander’ goals that you’re working towards and the objectives you’re changing are done so in the pursuit of this greater goal. I’ll start by stating the big goals that I wish to achieve and accompany them with a little explanation as to why. Let’s begin…



I’ve always wanted to learn another language, but of recent that fascination has been made manifest in the form of Japanese. The reason behind this is two-fold. One: I want to study in Japan since it’s the birthplace of mechatronic engineering, the best universities in the world for my subject are all situated on that sliver of an island and, whilst I’m beginning to see that I won’t be able to study there for my undergrad degree, my hopes remain high for a post grad degree. Two: over forty percent of the worlds animation and visual novels are spoke and written in Japanese, animation is a personal preference of mine, I love it and as for visual novels, my sentiments are the same and if i could I’d read them all!

Those are the main reasons I would like to be able to read and speak the language.



The piano is something that  I’ve always wanted to play, what other instrument can you think of that is subject to such aggrandizement and prestige other than the piano? Couple this with it being the only instrument, that I can think of, to be out in areas such as hotel lounges, bars and halls for the public to use, it’s a lovely thought to be able to fill the air with music from memory. It takes skill, practice and it’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I was little, this is an absolute must.



You’ve no doubt heard the term “Manners maketh man”  well you could hijack this term to read as, muscles maketh man; they of course do not but the wording serves my purpose of explaining why this is a goal quite nicely. I’ve always been spindly, a skinny little wreck of a man and have never been in possession of strength or an aesthetically pleasing physique and the reason why this is important to me is as such: I want it.

It’s really plain and simple, I want to be strong enough to protect myself, to be able to carry out strenuous activity and I want to be pleasing to the eye because, in all honesty, it makes having romantic liaisons ‘easier’, not easy, but easier. I want to be as confident in my body as I am in my mind and I feel as though this will only aid in that desire.



I want to be able to fight, I’m pretty handy as it is but most of my fighting is oriented around blades and, whilst effective, that’s a quick way to land yourself in prison. Carrying knives over three inches or that aren’t folding knives is an illegal offence and can land you in prison for up to four years with a hefty fine attached too.

No, I’d like to be able to fight with my fists, something very punchy and visceral like Krav Maga. The reason for that is as such, I used to be the kind of person that was of the opinion that you shouldn’t hit anyone unless you’re attacked first; how naive I was to think that, now I’m an advocate of the mentality that: If you know a fight will happen, HIT FIRST AND HIT HARDEST! It’s saved my ass more than once.

Becoming Smarter

learning 2

This one is more vague than the rest, there’s more to it. When I was in high school I would have classified myself as an academic elitist, I believed that some subjects were more valuable than others and that the less valuable subjects (such as RE, PSHCE and the arts, at the time) should be eschewed in the pursuit of more important subjects like the sciences. How naive I was…

Now I understand that the most learned of individuals are those who’s mastery spans over a number of subjects, giants who can straddle vastly different subjects with ease and draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve problems, polymaths. Whilst my goal is to become a polymath I am not one now, nor will I be one for at least a decade- I’m a philomath, a knowledge seeker and, at the moment, accessing classes and reading material on a range of varying topics are the best way to achieve this goal.

Those are my goals, thank you for reading.

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