Day 170:Lazy Day

May 2nd 2016

It’s Monday and today was unusually quiet. I’ve mentioned before that, usually, a friend will contact me and ask for my help with something, or they’ll send me a text asking whether I want to go out with them, something like that and it always makes days feel so slow and boring when that doesn’t happen.

Nothing happened today

I got up decently early at nine O’clock and padded downstairs, hungry for breakfast; when I have time in the morning my standard fare usually consists of: Bacon, Eggs and whatever vegetables I have, usually fried or, in the case of the egg, poached on toast. I’m not known for being a delicatessen, quite the opposite, closer to a viking berserker in fact, I’ll eat anything, even if it’s charred to high heaven (which it often is).

I’m not the best cook.

After charring breakfast so badly it resembled coal I decided that I would work on this blog, since I’m still ten days behind due to… unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to publish a blog post apparently, mainly because I’m writing it now.

Following this was lunch and it was a damn sight better than breakfast, I managed to make cream of mushroom soup, substituting the vegetable stock for chicken stock actually made all the difference. Thank you Ainsley Harriott.

I had the soup for dinner too with a slice or two of toast, nothing too fancy, just enough to fill you up and, after this, i retired for the night to spend some time on Second Life, nothing happened today and that kind of reflects in my lethargy in this post and the lack of content.

Some days are slower than others



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