Day 171: The Vic

May 3rd 2016

There’s a somewhat upscale pub in my area called “The Victoria” and, over the past few months, it has become somewhere that me and my friends will go if we decide that we want to not only have a few drinks, but also want to couple that with a reasonably priced and delicious three course meal. For those of us who aren’t overly flush with cash (i.e: myself and all of my friends) a fixed price menu is an absolute lifesaver.

Since the Bierkeller was closed tonight we decided that we should all go out for a meal; any excuse to have some good food and drink is what I say. We got there at around one O’clock, since we knew we’d be there for the duration we ordered lunch as soon as we got through the door.


I opted for pan fried steak (blue) on ciabatta and a small cheese board for afters, and that only came to twelve pounds, so factoring in that you got a free drink (on tap) with your meal that worked out really well. It took us about an hour and a half to finish that up and by that time we were all ready for another drink so I moved onto ‘shorts’ (any spirit) whilst the remainder of my friends stuck with beer and cider.
We chatted and laughed, making the most of the sun out in the beer garden before coming beer-garden-01in as it began to get more chill in the evening where we then ordered out main courses. A three course meal only set us back fifteen quid each, so that wasn’t too bad.

I opted for: Mushroom soup for starters, followed by fish pie and finally a chocolate brownie desert- I haven’t eaten that well in months. The real kicker to all of this was that I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money going out drinking, it’s quite tight at the moment, but, in actuality, I spent more than I would have done if we’d just gone to a bar!

but life is for living I suppose

Thank you for reading.

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