Day 172: Electro

May 4th 2016

Today was rather queer, it’s not often that I lose a day to music, but today I did. Of all of the arts, everything from painting and writing to interpretive dance, music is my favourite and, if I can find a decent enough playlist, or can compose one myself, I can lose hours at a time to the medium. My taste has evolved as I’ve gotten older and I’ve found that me personal penchant is for electronic music, of course there’s peturbations to that rule though, I enjoy a range of stuff and there’s only one real ‘hard no’: country.

I did lose myself to the music today though.

monstercatI found a particularly wonderful grouping of playlists released through the online publicist “Monstercat”   and sat through almost all of them today, enoying each one as the afternoon slowly faded into the evening, and then the evening into the night.

The reason I use the term “lose” when describing my experience with music is because I lose myself to it, it’s almost like losting your sense of direction and I can lean back in my chair, shut my eyes and ‘wake up’ hours later and a hundred songs through a playlist.

I lose all sense of time.

That certainly happened today, I didn’t get a lot accomplished, but what i did do successfully was unwind a little bit. I’ve been fairly worked up recently about the lack of progress I’ve been making and this really helped me destress.

I coupled this with a fairly lengthy game of Sid Meier’s: Civilisation V. Those of you that have civ vplayed the game will understand that there isn’t such a thing as a short Civ game, there really isn’t. This is a game that can take, on its longest setting,  upwards of a thousand turns, and when your empire is up and running, each turn can take anywhere up to two or three minutes, so you’re talking about quite a lengthy undertaking.

Other than this my day was fairly standard and uneverntful.

So, thank you for reading.

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