Day 173: Step by Step

May 5th 2016

It’s time that I start taking steps towards achieving those goals that I set myself a good while ago and I spent most of today figuring out what would be the best way to go about accomplishing them; what steps should I take in order to maximise my chances of success. This might not be the most efficient way of going about it, but I don’t mind that, it’s all about actually achieving them.

Sometimes you’ve just got to bite down and push through.

Because nothing of any real note happened today I figured that this would be a short post, however that doesn’t mean that it should be a purposeless post. I’ve decided that I will use todays post to outline what I will do, in what order, to achieve my goals.

The ‘To Do List’:

First and foremost amongst my issues is my lack of money, there’s no real income at the moment; I’m between education and work at the moment and, whilst it’s only four months until I start my course and can get some funding under me, that’s still four months in which I don’t have any way to sustain myself. I’m pretty much living on the bread line at the moment, living though, not just surviving…

As such the first step I’m going to take is attaining some form of financial income, in the immediate future that will more than likely come in the form of Universal Credit or  Job Seekers Allowence, in the long run though, it will more than likely come from student finance and a part time job. I’m ashamed to need government help with my money, but I’m not too proud to accept it.

Past this I believe that it would be wise to invest a portion of this money into clubs and social activities that cultivate physical activity, such as martial arts and the gym, not only does it get me outside and meeting people but I also believe that a healthy body contributes vastly towards a healthy and active mind.

With these in place and having stuck with them for a few weeks I believe that it might be appropriate to then, and only then, add some academic and mental activities into the melting pot (i.e: Piano and learning languages) before returning to college in september.

That’s my plan

I usually like to archive my thoughts and to keep them to myself, but since this blog has accumulated a small following now, I’d like to pose the question to my readers: Is this the right thing to do, if so, how would you improve it and if not, how would you replace it?

Thank you for reading.



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