Day 174:Writing and Japanese

May 6th 2016

Aside from my usual daily chores like: cooking, cleaning and bathing, I spent quite a sizable chunk of my evening brushing up on my slipping Japanese and trying to pen down some ideas for my Zootopia fanfiction (yes, it’s still going), so most of this post will focus on that.

Today was Friday

to most people Friday is the end of the week and is too tempting an opportunity to pass up, to cut back, let loose and have a good time, I know I’m certainly no exception to this rule, however on this fateful Friday I found that the tip that was my house warranted a clean up. Most of the day was spend doing this, vacuuming all of the carpets and dusting all of the shelves, beating the cushions and blankets and stuffing a metric ton of my washing into my washing machine- I’ve had better days.

This left me with very little time and energy to do anything else and after I’d finally got the house in some semblance of order I was just about ready to call it a day and relax. A ‘generous’ helping of whiskey and a hot bath certainly helped in that quest.

memriseAfter I left the warm embrace of the water behind I decided that I needed to brush up on my Japanese, it’s been slipping as of recent and I’ve struggled to find the willpower to sit down and actively engage with my studies, pathetic I know. Having said that there’s certainly something to be gleaned from it, it appears that my lethargy is as much mental as physical, so that’s good to know.

After I successfully recapped my knowledge and found it to be lacking I decided that in the twilight of the day I should try and write some more of my Zootopia fiction, I only got about five hundred words or so done, but hey, that’s five hundred more than I had when I started and I’m very happy with the quality of them.


Finally to top things off, today was a bit of a bore and was very tiring, so I went straight to bed and I wrote this post in the morn.

Thank you for reading.

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