Day 176: Exploring

May 8th 2016

Today I went on a bit of a ramble, I just grabbed my phone and keys and strolled out the door hoping to find something that would interest and engage me in the city center; I assure you I wasn’t disappointed.

The day started off pretty slowly, waking up as usual and having a slow breakfast before figuring out what I wanted to do with my day and, considering my phone has usually rung by this time with a friend in need on the other end, I figured today would be another lazy day. I was discontented with that Idea suffice to say and, after breakfast, decided to grab my coat, keys and phone and just stroll out the door.

The walk into town was nice in actuality, being that I hail from the land of wind and rain I park-06half expected the heavens to open but, much to my delight, the grey clouds dissipated and were replaced with puffy white ones that punctuated an otherwise blue sky. It sucked that I still had to carry my coat around though.

Eventually I wound up in the park, having had an otherwise unfruitful search, and was greeted unexpectedly by an elderly gentleman who handed me my coat, evidently it had slipped off of the back of the bench I was sitting on. He took a seat next to me and made the passing comment: “You look a little lost” and I, being the asshat that I am, retorted with the proverb, “Not all that wander are lost”.

What is wrong with me?

 Dharma_Wheel.svgHe chuckled and asked my to follow him and, ignoring that fact that this could be a window to a violent sexual assault, I walked with him and queried him on where we were going, something he never told me until we arrived. It was about a ten minute walk and at its zenith we approached a Buddhist meditation center. He invited me in.

I was understandably curious, I know that there are quite a large amount of Buddhists around the world and thus they will have places of reverence, worship and meditation but you never really see them; I ask you, when was the last time that you passed one? I’d wager you can’t remember because, today withstanding, I certainly can’t.

The room was empty except for a few people who looked as if they were cleaning the establishment and he made me understand that there would be people here tomorrow at eight in the morning, if I was interested in coming down to see what it was all about, to which I replied with a vehement.

Mission accomplished, adventure found!

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