Day 178:Taxes

May 10th 2016

No one really wants to think about the dull world of fiscal responsibility when they’re browsing the internet and most people usually heap together all of their taxes and plough through them in bulk four times a year, or as the term denotes, quarterly. Unfortunately for me my end of tax year P60 came through from my last job, which I haven’t formally left yet, and has in fact forced me to sit down, get out my tax book and start ticking off boxes.

Not fun

People always assume that those who are gifted at maths are, by extension, naturally adept at handling taxes and, were taxes straight forwards and their rules obeyed some form of hierarchy (like BIDMAS- Brackets Indices Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) but, as those of you who do them can attest to, they do not.

Taxes seem to have ‘unwritten’ rules that evade all but the most savvy of individuals, and for a comparatively young person, doing taxes still mystifies me, the only real part about doing taxes that I care about is, of course, tax returns.


More than once they’ve been my white knight, it’s a welcome little cash injection that can see you through the dire times when you’re between pay cheques. They’re certainly going to help me out this year.

They’re keeping me afloat

Aside from that, nothing really happened today, it’s a bit of a step down since yesterday and my little Buddhist adventure, but past that, this is pretty much all I did today: fumbling through receipts, finding payslips and checking out my P60. Not a fun day, but a necessary one.

Cheers for reading.

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