Day 179: Civilisation V

May 11th 2016

With the advent of Civilisation VI coming in the immediate future I decided to give Civilisation V one last hurrah and start up a game with a friend. Now I understand that Civ VI comes out in October, but I really wouldn’t be surprised If me and my fried had only completed one or two games in that time, and we’re only playing on the standard length setting.

Civilisation will devour your time

There’s even a setting for Civilisation that sets the game speed so that, and I quote, “One era will be comprised of roughly the same amount of terms as an entire game” and it is staggeringly slow.

With that in mind though, I would probably be idiotic to set the game to that length, I’d still be playing Civ V by the time Civ VII was announced, it would be horrible. It even feels weird to say that because of how dear to my heart the Civ series is, in fact anything made by Sid Meier is pretty much gold.

I don’t really have a lot to say about today, nothing much went on and I’m bracing myself for when Warhammer Total War hits, because as soon as that hits I will be almost completely unavailable for about a month- no joke.

All of today was spend on Civilisation; I wasted today and I’m wasting more time, I can’t seem to stop and I’m so fucking angry with myself about it.

I need help.

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