Day 181: Sing

May 13th 2016: Sing!

In a bid to get back on top of my blog and improve the overall quality of it, now that I’m beginning to understand some of the functional elements of the WordPress Workbench I’ve decided to try my hand at the daily prompt and perhaps disclose a few tidbits of my embarassing life in the process, so…

Here goes nothing.

Eighteen days ago I decided, finally, that I was free of the shackles of depression, I decided that it no longer played any part in my life and it was my fervent hope that I could walk out of my door uninhibited and begin to face the world again with a whole new, positive out look on life, unfortunately that’s looking to be more difficult than once envisioned.

It turns out that a lot of the things I eschewed whilst I was struggling still don’t come naturally to me, simple things, like going to the pub with friends, are still rough but I’m making progress with them. The reason why this relates to the daily prompt is simple- karaoke.

bierTranslated, it literally means: empty orchestra, well, orchestra or no orchestra, it still turns out that I’m tone deaf. Whilst out at Bierkeller with some friends, we decided, and by thatI mean ‘they’ decided, that karaoke would be a good idea and me, having drank my weight in cider, agreed with them.

First up was my friend, Foggy and he decided that he’d keep it pretty simple and sing Rasputin, it was a good way to kick things off and the others in the bar seemed to really enoy it too; next up was Alex andd then Hannah and then Kyle and finally me.

I was going to sing a song of my own choice but was reminded that I had a secret weapon-rap god.jpg Rap God by Eminem. The song, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is sung exceptionally quickly and I believe that he broke the world record for amount of words spoken in one minute with this song (citation needed).

I think that it was the right song to sing because the crow just exploded, they went ballistic and after I got down off of the stage I was nearly mobbed by my friends, and thus that, my dear friends, is the story of how I was bought whiskey all night by strangers at a bar for being able to say words faster than most people.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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