Day 182: Non-Stop

May 14th 2016

Today was all go from when the sun rose; I’d had trouble sleeping and eventually gave up trying after barely snagging a brief two hours of shut-eye, so as the sun was just cresting over the horizon I threw back the covers and trudged out of bed. I knew I was tired because mere minutes after getting out of bed I almost ate it at the top of the steps, although the burst of adrenaline that always accompanies the sensation of slipping down one step absolutely woke me up…

For a little while.

barclays.jpgBreakfast was two tea cakes and a bottle of water that I ate on my way to the bank, I had an appointment to keep at eight O’clock regarding some irregularities in my spending account. Long story short, I got there on time, but was sat there for a good hour and a half whilst they fixed a ‘simple issue’ with their system, but simple issues don’t take NINETY MINUTES TO FIX!

Eventually I was released from purgatory and had to walk around to Hannah’s to take a look at her sink. How I wish that was a metaphor. I don’t know whether it’s just the people who live with Han but no one in that house has any practical skills, to further emphasise my point, once I was asked round to put up a shelf…

I thought that was a TV trope.

It actually turned out that there was a cracked pipe under the sink and there was no water pressure, not just in the sink, but in the house, and whilst I’m pretty handy around the house, one thing I am not is a qualified plumber, so I left that with them.

Between leaving their house and my doctor’s appointment I had about a three-hour gap and,sleep I’ll be candid, I was fading fast; I was so tired that even slugging back Red Bull wasn’t enough to keep me awake and, eventually, against my better judgement, I had to reschedule my doctor’s appointment and finally get some sleep.

I’m not entirely certain when I woke up, but it was in the dead of night and I was on my sofa, since I was fairly delirious, I decided that I should roll over and get a few more hours sleep, and here I am, writing this blog… tired… spent…. ready for bed again.

Thank you for reading.

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