Day 3: Saturday Relaxation

May 28th 2016

trackiesWhen I woke up this morning I rolled onto my side and spied the blurry silhouette of a pair of tracksuit bottoms hanging from my wardrobe, a sight that was met with a deep groan. I knew I’d need to start running at some point, but I dreaded the prospect of it being today, that was until I had a revelation- it was saturday!

The notion of exercising on a Saturday is a straight up no go! Saturday is my day of the week where I do nothing, nothing at all. I love Saturdays with all my heart; Sundays however are the bane of my existence, I loathe them, always have ever since high school. Just who wants a day off where all they can think about is the work they’ll have to do tomorrow, nobody!

With that in mind I decided to shoot the idea of exercising today, shoot it right between the eyes, besides…

I had a party to get to later!

There was no way I was going to show up to my friends house, slug back a few glasses of wine and then pass out, leaving myself at their mercy like that is just like begging to wake up with vulgarity scrawled across my face (,never again).

When I arrived at my friend’s house the party was in full flow, drinks were aplenty and monkey-shoulder.jpgdecent company was in no shortage.I did my usual thing, I found myself a nice little spot in the most active place in the house and parked myself in it with a lovely bottle of scotch.

I spent the rest of the night reveling in the celebrations, George turned twenty last Wednesday gone and we ‘had’ to celebrate that and, as everyone at that house knew, I really needed to cut loose- everyone but me that is.

It was a great night and I thoroughly look forwards to doing it again…

Very soon!


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