Day 4: Paving a New Path

May 29th 2016

I don’t usually make a habit of staying over at friends houses, especially not when I’ve had promo_384x384a drink, but yesterday was the exception to the rule. If you read yesterdays post you’ll know that I attended a friend’s twentieth birthday and, as is customary for such significant birthdays like that, the party got more than a little out of hand. God knows after polishing off most of a bottle of Jameson (My whiskey of choice at the moment) trying to walk home would have been a horrendous idea.

When I did eventually wake up though it was late in the day, without a clock in the room my mind is a little sketchy, but from what I remember, when I finally got home, after a short trek on an uneasy stomach, it was about half three in the afternoon. Most of the day was done but I still had a few things that I wanted to do before tomorrow.

I started off by actually cooking something; if I was going to do anything today I’d need some food in me, I don’t suffer from hangovers but what I do suffer from is post-alcohol ravenous hunger. I started with two eggs, two sausages, three rashers of bacon, some fried tomatoes and mushrooms and finally two pieces of toast- all of which was demolished within fifteen minutes.

After eating my own body weight in animal products I had a few things that I needed to tend to, since tomorrow was bank holiday Monday. This started with a trip online to the digital world of Second Life; I had to sort out some admin matters with the group: reassigning roles and titles, filling out the story of the role play setting a little more and, of course, socialise with a few of my friends. This took a lot longer than I would have expected it to since I got talking with a somewhat estranged companion of mine, but all in all I enjoyed the experience.

The second thing I did today was to read up about the Couch to 5k. Initially I wanted to5k start running tomorrow, but after digesting all of the information they provided, they advise against running if there is any pain in your knee. They say to wait at least a week ,having done stretches and rested it up, before contacting your GP and, being that my pain hasn’t improved in over a month now it might be time for another check up. I don’t know whether doctors surgeries are even open on bank holidays, but I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow when I ring them.

This isn’t to say that I’ll be doing no exercise at all though; starting this Tuesday I’ll be going out for thirty minute walks a daily and will be resuming stretching my knee according to the schedule they sent me. I probably shouldn’t have stopped. With regards to my upper body however, I’m thinking that I should resume lifting weights but, judging by the results of last time (i.e: damaging my knee on a squat) I think I should find some gyms online and look to getting a program from them.

Mentally, there are a few things that I’d like to do, just to keep me sharp. This begins with reading again, picking up my reading schedule. Since I traditionally only read non fiction it fanfiction-dot-netwould make sense to try to read a modicum of fiction and non fiction a day. I propose that I attempt to read ten to twenty pages of non fiction a day and, to supplement this, attempt to read at least one piece of fan-fiction a day, critique it and offer helpful comments to the author. Just to get me started again.

Along side this I would ‘quite like’ to return to writing, I’m famously poor at keeping to a schedule, so assigning myself a task like: publish a chapter a week, would be a terrible idea. As such I believe that a more achievable goal would be to write at least three hundred words a day; more is welcome, less is unacceptable. At least that way I’ll be doing something productive.

Speaking of productivity, I need to start producing money. There’s no easy way to say this, I’m not the best employee, my work ethic is terrible and when it comes to dealing with people I’m cynical beyond all belief, as such, getting hired is often a problem. So, with regards to getting some money in my pocket, I think that I need to look at getting a job again, just to tide me over until September. So, late morning aside…

Today has been rather productive!

Thank you for reading.


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