Day 5: Bank Holiday Monday

May 30th 2016

Today is bank holiday Monday and, once again, I’ve been saved from the ever looming threat of having to start running by both the weather and the fact that I’d promised myself to my friends all day today. Most of my friends work, I’ve always fit in better with people slightly older than myself, so most of them are either former students or are simply members of the working public; today was one of those rare days where we could all meet up without any reservations on who would and wouldn’t turn up- we knew we’d all be in attendance.

Bank holiday Monday is always a riot!

The day started off like it always does on these kinds of days off. At the pub. There’s something satisfying about going somewhere where they know just what your drink is without you even having to say anything; there’s also something satisfying about being able to drink whiskey at ten in the morning too.

I arrived second, Hannah was there first, she’s always prompt and early, sometimes too much so, I sometimes feel bad for her since I know she can be somewhere thirty minutes before anyone else, being late is not a character flaw Han has. By the way she hugged me (and the amount of glasses on the table) she was about three gin and tonics in. That’s what I call a proper liquid breakfast.

full englishBearing in mind my recent heavy drinking session last Saturday I was planning to take it pretty slow, we’d only be at the pub for the first few hours anyway. The tradition that has stood for the past two years is that we will all meet up for a late boozy-breakfast, before returning to our houses to play games for a few hours before retiring for the evening and letting, those who have them, spend the rest of their day off with their better halves.

James and Steven were the next to arrive, followed shortly after by Jasmine and Kieran. The landlord of the pub, although used to seeing us, didn’t look too impressed when we asked for six full English breakfasts. I think he had half a mind to refuse us, but being the good sport that he is, he didn’t.

Beakfast was delicious!

Breakfast passed quickly and we returned to our respective homes, logged straight onto

Dota 2
Legion Commander of Outword Devoured are my picks.

steam and sunk right into DOTA 2. Considering how awful we all are it shouldn’t be surprising to know that we lost three out of the five matches, but c’est la vie.

By the time that we were all done it was pushing six O’clock and those among our number with significant others were ready to depart for their evening engagements, dinner, movies… sex.  It left just me and Han really, we were both content to continue playing DOTA 2, of recent it’s been our personal penchant. By the time we were both finished it was pushing midnight, Han wanted to sleep and I was just about ready to cook dinner. This is how broken my schedule is.

So finally, after eating my weight in pasta, I decided to hit the hay…

At 5am!

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