Day 6: Memory Lane

Mat 31st 2016

I woke up late today, some time around two in the afternoon, I don’t know whether I needed the extra rest of whether I was just being lazy… most probably the latter of the two. So after rising from my pit, having slept through half of the day I sat down and wrote yesterdays blog post, I thought it came out pretty well, especially considering not a great deal was accomplished this bank holiday Monday.

After chowing down on breakfast I decided that I would make good on my promise and go Porridge (2).JPGout for my thirty minute walk, though in actuality it ended up lasting much longer. You see I was born around this neck of the woods, I grew up, in the early stages of my childhood, about twenty miles away and my Nan lived literally three hundred meters from my house.

Armed with that information I got on a bus and headed on over for a walk down memory lane. The greatest thing about where I lived was that, on a night, I could wander through into my parents bedroom and, from the height that our house was at, I could wave to my Nan in her house before going to bed. It was something we shared. It’s something I sorely miss.

yellow rose.jpg
Miss you Nan.

My Nan died six years ago on the twenty seventh of December- two days after Christmas. But I decided that today I’d embark on a bit of a quest; I’ve never been able to pick out my old house window from my Nan’s perspective, so that’s what I did. I walked through fields and hills to get to my Nan’s house and eventually I ended up stood at her back door. I think my heart jumped into my throat because I actually started to tear up a little.

My sentimentality aside, I turned around and began searching through rows and rows of building tops, it must have taken me a good thirty minutes or so to find it, but, finally, I found my house! It was such an emotional moment for me, I found myself raising a hand to wave at no one, and that’s when the waterworks really started. I went from being completely steady to weeping in about ten seconds flat; for the first time in about six years I felt connected with my Nan again. It was fleeting, but powerful.

Eventually I had to return home though, the weather saw to that. I was improperly equipped for driving winds and torrential rain, so I put on a sprint to the nearest bus shelter.

Upon returning home I was pretty emotionally drained, I just wanted to unwind with a few hours on Total War: Warhammer before settling down and trying to come up with a new story idea to write about. Sadly however, the latter part of that statement ended in failure, I’m still out of ideas on what I should write a fan fiction about. The only thing I do know is that I want it to be about Zootopia.

But that really was it for today, it was surprisingly draining.

Thank you for reading.



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