Day 7: Slight Stepbacks

June 1st 2016

Some days are full of progress, progress forged within the crucible of my own endeavors and drive; some are not. Unfortunately, it is my duty as the author of this blog to inform you that today was one of those days.

Nothing of note was accomplished.

The day started off poorly, I woke up shockingly late at four O’clock with the intention to tww.jpgdo all manner of things, if only to justify getting up so late, so my motives were off from the start. I skipped breakfast, didn’t write the blog in the morning, didn’t go out for my walk and instead simply sat down on Warhammer: Total War… for eight hour- a shameful display.

The truth of the matter is simply that I’m lazy, and on top of that I have little to no self control! When I was supposed to get up at seven this morning, knowing full well that there would be time during the day for a cat nap, if I needed it, I simply rolled over and fell asleep. I’m always looking for the easy way out, it’s one of the worst facets about my personality and whilst it’s annoying for me, it can be the bane of my friends existence.

As it stands, the nature of my sleeping schedule isn’t really an issue. Not yet. When I sleep I sleep for eight to ten hours and when I’m awake I’m usually awake for between fourteen lazyand eighteen hours depending on the day; if you factor this in with the fact that most of my daily routine has no time constraints, it really isn’t a problem, i.e: no one can tell me not to write a blog post or go for a walk at three in the morning, and there are very few obligations that I have to keep but those that I do are usually later in the day when I’d be awake anyway. Like my old counselor said…

Sleep when you’re tired, but be awake when you have to.

It might not  compare with the wisdom of Confucius, but the quote stands for itself.

Unfortunately, not a lot happened today; because of my absent mindedness and laziness: my diet, progress and hygiene suffered, I can only try to be better tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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