Day 8: Bounce Back

June 2nd 2016

Annoyed that yesterday was pretty much wasted due to my lack of initiative and drive, today I was having none of it! After falling asleep pretty early (for me) at around three AM I got up comparatively early at around Ten O’clock and hopped straight out of bed, surged down the steps and stormed straight into the kitchen. Breakfast time.

Breakfast consisted of two rashers of bacon lovingly topped with salt and pepper before being covered in a fried egg and sandwiched between two heavily buttered slices of whole meal bread. It was delightful, a real treat for the senses. After garnishing the side of the plate with a generous helping of honey BBQ sauce it was just the right combination of salty and sweet- it’s making me drool now just thinking about it.

The weather was on my side today, so after my breakfast I grabbed my Ipad and headed out memrisefor a stroll. On the Ipad I still have my, sorely neglected, Japanese app; I decided that since the stroll wasn’t too energetic I could multitask and try to recall some of my studies. I was pleasantly surprised to see that i had forgotten less vocabulary than I had initially postulated, there are, of course, still some holes in my knowledge but nothing that i wont be able to patch up with a few days revision.

The walk lasted for about forty minutes and, unlike my last jaunt, it was forty minutes of non stop walking, no resting or stopping to peer down memory lane, just walking and strengthening my knee. In retrospect I think a long sleeved shirt and denim jeans were probably incorrect attire; just judging by the amount I was sweating at the end of my walk.


I’m really out of shape.

It really highlighted the fact that I need some form of formal help with be overall fitness. In turn the most logical thing for me to do was to look at getting back into going to a gym. After looking through the gyms local to my area I, once again, came to the conclusion that a twenty four hour gym would more than likely be the best option for me, a gym with classes and workout sessions that I can simply sign up to and show up, something that will always keep me moving; something that I can really sink my teeth into.

As far as things happening today, that about covers it, so…

Thank you for reading.


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