Day 9: Pride

June 3rd 2016

Today adopted a slightly slower cadence than I would have either hoped of expected. At one point I would have blamed the slow pace of the days on my sleeping schedule, now though, I see that sometimes some days are more hectic than others and today simply wasn’t one of those days.

Today was going to be slow by its very nature- it’s Friday. Not only does no one really want to do any work on a Friday (myself included) but sometimes they’re not overly fond of the idea of cutting loose either. I was asked by some friends whether I wanted to come out to a club tonight, but given the amount I’ve drunk recently I decided against it; I wouldn’t even know what to do either, clubbing isn’t really my scene…

That doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be though.

You see, when it comes down to doing things, it’s much easier to do them (at least for me) if you take pride in them, and I’ve not taken pride in myself for quite some time. That’s not a statement that I use lightly, I’m not saying it to induce pity, Gods know I’ve wallowed in that for far too long.

For three years I’ve just swanned over to my wardrobe and tossed on the nearest shirt and pair of jeans, sometimes wearing the same pair for a few days on the trot before just rambling downstairs and starting breakfast. It unhygienic and it’s not conducive to keeping an active mind, something which I direly want.

This is somewhat of a short post because, well… nothing really happened, but even so…

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow.


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