Day 10: Wedding Plans

June 4th 2016

Chime the bells and lay out your finest suit (and matching converse) because one of my friends is getting hitched! I, like most people, adore a wedding; the handsome groom holding back tears, the bride dressed in ceremonial white and oh so elated with her husband to be- I love everything about weddings. From the hours leading up to the event to the drunken stagger to the taxis after the reception, there’s nothing better!

As such I’d love to take this opportunity to congratulate Steph and Daniel on finally doing what everyone has been telling them to do for what seems like an eternity now! Congrats you two.


In fact the only reason this is being brought up is because I had the pleasure today of accidentally walking into Hannah’s house whilst Steph was showing off her dress, I also hade the displeasure of being yelled at because I wasn’t supposed to show up for another thirty minutes or so. I have a habit of not bothering to knock when I go round to Hannah’s, I just sort of roll in whenever I feel like it, but now that I’ve seen the dress it’s really sunk in that ‘this is happening’.

Initially Steph was pretty peeved, an understandable reaction, it should be the brides perogative to wow everyone with her dress on the day, but I’m glad I accidentaly got a sneak peak. After the steam stopped billowing from her ears she looked so happy, twirling around the living room in the most important dress she’ll ever wear- it really lifted my spirits. So, congratulations Steph, you looked beautiful… just don’t expect me to wear a suit, you know in your heart of hearts that’s never going to happen.

I would write more about today, but it was pretty dull, however the main reason for not elaborating on the days events is because this deserves its own post. Something so rare and special as love is something to be cherished, and by way of this blog commemorated. They really are a pair made in heaven, they play off of eachothers strengths and cover each others weaknesses in perfect unison, they’re made for eachother and today, instead of saying ‘thank you for reading’, I’d just like to say, once more.


Congratulations. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

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