Day 11: Biking

June 5th 2016

Following yesterday’s encounter with Steph I was supposed to meet up with her today to start the Couch to 5k challenge, ‘supposed’ being the operative word. Following the worsening of my knee’s condition I decided that I should look into it a little more; aside from developing crepitus in my right knee, no doubt a side effect of the torn meniscus, I discovered that I am to keep away from impact exercises.


Avoid them like the plague.

Understandably I couldn’t run alongside her… but that doesn’t mean that I was just going park-06to leave her to jog alone. No, I had a better idea. I was going to bike next to her. I know better than most that running on your own can be an overwhelmingly monotonous and uncomfortable task. You’ve got no one to pace yourself against, no one to talk to and, empirically all you’re doing is running when your body is hurting. Not such a fun time is it?

I don’t think that Steph was too happy when I showed up on my bike, but I think, I hope, that she understood after seeing that I’m wearing a neoprene sleeve on my knee to support it until I get treatment. Looks like i got off scott free!

The warmup started with a five minutes brisk walk, that felt more like ten considering the difficulty of balancing on a bike at such a slow speed before picking up, very slightly; the rest of the session was spent alternating between thirty seconds of running and one minute of walking. It was only the first run on the first week bearing in mind. I would like to think that I could have contended with it without breaking into a sweat…

I would like to, but I don’t think that I could.

The run seemed to last longer than it was supposed to, I’m not sure whether Steph was looking to run further than we had initially discussed or whether she simply lost track of mountain bikethe time; not that it mattered to me on my bike. The bike I use is a big, heavy, mountain bike meant for throwing around dirt paths and off-road trails, it’s not as easy as you might expect to keep it moving along side a runner.

I’m supposed to be going running with her in two days time as well, but if I’m being realistic, I don’t see that happening. I’m more than willing to bike alongside her again and keep her company, so that’s what I’ll probably end up doing- we’ll just have to hope the weather permits.

Thank you for reading.


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