44: Overdid It Again

Today I decided that I would try my new workout, it was something that I’d pulled off of a reputable exercise website and was tagged as ”A Beginners Workout Session”…It could not have gone any worse. I must admit I expected it to be hard and I wasn’t let down in that expectation, it was hard and there were moments where I needed to rest between sets, but it was mostly punishing on my legs.

I suppose the irony of the whole situation is that because the exercises that I was instructed to perform on my legs were fewer in number I believed that they would be easier and, inversely, because the exercises on my arms were more plentiful they would be harder- how wrong I was.

On my legs, I had to perform forty five body weight compresses and forty five weighted dead lifts both in three sets of fifteen, I was wrecked by the end of them and I forget what I had to do with my arms except for lateral raises which, put simply, are the devil.

The kicker to all of this is that in the morning I realised that I hurt all over, and not the usual workout ache, I hurt! My right leg was in huge pain and my left upper back twinged and hurt terribly badly… so not only was I unable to complete the workout fully, but I did the exercises wrong and injured myself.

What kind of fuck-wit does that.

As a result of this I’ve chosen to actually go to the gym in the new year and have a trainer come up with a workout routine for me and show me how to do the exercises so I don’t completely ruin myself.

Until tomorrow.


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